Congratulations on model ZYKM- IV900×2000(stationary type)high speed full automatic printing slotting & die-cutting production line with folder gluer which is shipped to Peru installed & commissioned successfully and put into production.

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On Feb.1, 2018, model ZYKM- IV900×2000(sstationary type)high speed full automatic printing slotting & die cutting production line with folder gluer which was shipped to Peru was put into production after installation & commission for two weeks. This machine’s size is 900x2000, consisting of auto feeding (wheel type front edge feeding), four color printing, slotting, die-cutting and auto folder gluing. This production line’s max speed is 300 sheets/min and can change plate without machine stop . It made about 40,000 cartons on Feb.1, and the printing/folder-gluing speed is 220sheets/min. This machine’s advantages are high automation, stable running, high efficiency, smoothness, distinct printed picture, small registration, high binding and tiny scissor difference while operating, the customer is very satisfied with this machine and speaks highly of it.

CERUTI FACTORY OF CARDBOARD PACKAGING S.A. in Peru is one of the largest carton factories in Lima, which has about 300 employees. The factory covers an area of over 10000 square meters. It has their own paper factory & carton manufacturing company, carton manufacturing company is equipped with high-speed automatic seven-layer corrugated board production line, which can produce about 100000 cartons per day.

The workers of “CERUTI FACTORY OF CARDBOARD PACKAGING S.A.” in Peru is feeding paper at the speed of 220sheets/min.

The workers are carrying cardboard to the paper feeding unit. When the production speed is over 220sheets/min, the working intensity of workers will obviously increase. It is not suitable for long time working. The leaders are considering purchasing the full automatic feeding machine from our company. The paper feeding unit can achieve unmanned work, which also can work long and efficiently.

Function of order change without machine stop saves the time of plate attachment and preparation to enhance machine efficiency. 

The post section conveying belt in folding unit feeds the board with vacumm suction belt to avoid the scissors difference due to the belt slip to guarantee the accurate box gluing in high speed.

The ejection unit formed with 4 servo motors realizes the precise stacked blank outlet counting under high speed running to solve the problem of board jam in the said unit, as a result to secure the stable and speed operation of the entire line.