Model ZYKM III 1200X2400 6-color automatic printing drying die-cutting machine in DaLi City Yunnan Province

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Model ZYKM-IV 1200X2400mm High Speed Full Auto 6 color Flexo Printer Dryer Die-cutter(added slotter function)was delivered to Dapi Package Co., Ltd, Dali, Yunnan Province on May.2016,Max speed is 200sheets/min.It is a full automatic control system, by merely entering the order of box size on Touch screen, all the data such as cylinder gaps, axis and circumference etc in feeder, printers and slotter,die-cutter will act automatically without human interference featuring accuracy, reliability, auto setting and high efficiency.Machine surface adopts #304 stainless steel, which is under special pattern surface treatment for nice appearance to eliminate fading after years running and for easy service and cleaning.  

Machine Size:1200x2400mm

Model: movable type

Colors:6units(equipped with 6units Japan imported ceramic anilox roller and 3units closed double blade system from AUCLEAN,3units rubber roller)

LPI:equipped with double blade system is 500,equipped with rubber roller is 250.

Shooting date:Jun.2016

Shooting location:production workshop of Dapi Package Co., Ltd, Dali, Yunnan Province.