On Nov 10,2013, the production of our company’s automatic folder gluer which sent to Argentina was finished, the machine’s size is 1300x2500mm.

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The main advantages of this machine are as below:

1. Average gluing speed: 5,000-10,000 sheets/hour,  

2. Automatic paper supply, automatic glue coating, automatic folding, automatic correction, automatic counting and automatic stacking,

3. Variable frequency speed regulation, input data in touch screen.

4. Effectively overcome the phenomenon of scissor mouth and fishtail mark in the traditional sticky box, and ensure the accuracy of sticky box,

5. Suitable for one-piece shaped carton,

6, greatly save labor, improve working efficiency.

Automatic folder gluer picture 1 

Automatic folder gluer picture 2 

Automatic folder gluer picture 3 

Automatic folder gluer picture 4

The picture shows that the worker is busy with packing automatic folder gluer

The picture shows that the automatic folder gluer is well packed and ready for delivery to Shanghai port.